This Is When And For What You Need Fire Watch Services

Any kind of public or private space, be it residential or corporate, needs a fire safety system. If you have a business of your own, you will understand how important it is to have a fire alarm system installed on your premises, it can save the lives of people and your property. It is a necessary component in any building nowadays. But completely relying on the fire alarm system won’t be wise, as these systems can fail sometimes due to technical difficulties. To avoid such a situation, it is wise to have fire watch services on site. If you don’t have a fire alarm system, then it becomes necessary to have fire watch services to keep yourself and your property safe. Fire Watch Guards services are on-site safety functions offered by trained fire safety professionals. Keep reading to know more about the services of a fire watch;

The services of a fire watch include:

Patrolling the area: Officers go on patrols regularly and keep an eye on the facility throughout the day all year round.

Identifying problems: They look for conditions that can put the property at fire risk so that they can be resolved in time before anything happens.

Keeping records: They maintain a complete record of their patrols and relevant information related to a fire risk, such as hazards. These records are often needed by the authorities and insurance companies.

Checking equipment: A fire watch guard will check the existing fire alarm systems and fire suppression equipment from time to time, to ensure that they are in proper working condition and are functional.

● Contacting the fire department: In case of a fire emergency, the fire watch guard will call the fire department and give them all relevant information to take proper actions.

When do you need fire watch services?

When the site is under construction: There are plenty of fire hazards on a construction site, more so when the buildings have wooden frames. Many local authorities require a fire watch guard on-site at all times till the time construction is completed and the occupancy certificate is given.

When a business doesn’t have a proper alarm system: Local authorities may require the commercial property to have a fire watch guard when the place does not have a proper fire alarm system or when it is being repaired or replaced until the system is fully functioning.

When the water supply is interrupted: If the property has a sprinkler system if the water supply is down it will not be effective in preventing a fire. Here a fire watch guard will be required until the water supply is restored.

When hazardous substances are present on-site: In premises dealing with chemicals and gases, a fire watch guard is essential to ensure the fire safety of the property.